Sunday, December 25, 2011

New Year

and next week, it's New Year! the year 2012, will it be disaster, or just the usual "LOL, fooled you!" act?


it's Christmas and I'm spending it all alone... :'(

Friday, December 9, 2011

Long time...

agree to disagree...

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mind Control to buy something B.A.D...

Ok this is some scheme that Stewie asks Chris to do by using a device that controls him, here's the conversation

Stewie Griffin: All right. Now walk up to the counter.

[Electronic beeping]

Stewie Griffin: That's it. Ring the bell.

Shopkeep: Well, hi there.

Stewie Griffin: Good day, shopkeep.

Chris Griffin: Good day, shopkeep.

Stewie Griffin: I require a hand-operated buzz saw capable of cutting through a human sternum.

Shopkeep: What?

Chris Griffin: It's for a school project.

Chris Griffin: I'm some sort of student sent here for...

Chris Griffin: Oh, blast! What the devil do they study?

Chris Griffin: Latin class.

Shopkeep: Sorry, kid. I can't sell power tools to minors.

Chris Griffin: Now, look here, you gore-bellied codpiece.

Chris Griffin: Allow me to purchase the provisions I demand or I shall transform your blue collar into a red one and...

Chris Griffin: Who the deuce are you?

Chris Griffin: No, I don't have any spare change.

Chris Griffin: Where the hell would I keep it? In my diaper?

Chris Griffin: Get out of here, you hobo!

Chris Griffin: Bloody hell. Is this thing still on?

Saturday, October 3, 2009

MoonCake Festival




Eating mooncake when there is moon???

It starts now (Fall 2009)

the month of new animes... which will I see in TV version???
I usually wait in case there is DVD or BD releases, hmmm...
anyway, the image below is the list of anime and ova starting this month, I know I'll definitely watch everything (almost), not Winter Sonata (bleh) though, anyways enjoy the picture below

Friday, October 2, 2009


there and back again... hahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

it's been a year plus and I'm surprised that the blog is still safe and sound!

okay, erm... eherm... erm... this is what I have got to say... so... erm... errrr... yeah... bye...